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“I have used their services on two different restorations and found them to be very polite and professional.  I was pleased with the work they did for me and would recommend them and consider using them again if the need arises.  The Project Manager that oversaw both projects was delightful to work with on both occasions.” – Ramona J.

Who we are

DEC Fire & Water Restoration was founded in 1999. Since that time, we have proudly provided emergency response, post-disaster clean-up, restoration and renovation services in the state of Alabama. Whether you have suffered a loss or you just want a new look, DEC is your one-stop solution.

We are a family owned and operated company, right here in Alabama.

Water Damage Kimberly AL

Water damage is a menace that can wreak havoc on your cherished abode. However, it’s essential to realize that it doesn’t always require a catastrophic flood or a ferocious hurricane to cause severe harm. In fact, most water damage incidents in Kimberly, AL stem from an inconspicuous, unnoticed leak that persists over an extended period. By the time you detect it, the consequences can be dire—swollen and stained drywall, sagging ceilings, ruined carpets, warped floors, and even a potential threat to your home’s electrical system (we all know water and electricity don’t mix well).

When faced with flooding, whether due to a ruptured pipe, a broken sewer line, an overflowed sink or toilet, or malfunctioning appliances like water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, or refrigerators, our flood damage technicians are primed to tackle any problem, irrespective of its scale, around the clock.

Potential Risks From Water Damage

Even seemingly inconsequential factors like elevated humidity levels can breed trouble, notably in the form of mold, mildew, and other perilous toxins. According to the CDC, maintaining the moisture levels in your living spaces between 40% to 60% is crucial.

While standing water can undoubtedly wreak havoc on flooring, drywall, and other materials, the heightened moisture content in the air itself can pave the way for future predicaments—cue the ominous presence of MOLD! Molds insidiously destroy the surfaces they latch onto, and if left unchecked, they can inflict severe structural damage. Not only that, mold poses grave health risks to you and your loved ones. Inhalation exposure to indoor mold can trigger headaches, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and other long-term health repercussions. Moreover, contact with the toxic byproducts of mold, known as mycotoxins, can lead to even more severe health concerns. Therefore, it is imperative to engage the services of an experienced contractor to handle water removal and cleanup in your home, safeguarding your health and property from potential dangers down the line.

Basement Water Damage Cleanup in Kimberly: Overcoming the Odds

Flooded basements and crawlspaces present unique challenges compared to ground-level spaces. Concealed moisture can pave the way for mold and mildew, which can infiltrate and ruin your stored possessions and valuables. Additionally, if your basement succumbs to flooding, there’s a possibility of an electric current coursing through the water—stepping into such hazardous conditions should be strictly avoided. Instead, entrust the task to basement flooding experts who possess the know-how to handle the damage promptly, thoroughly, and safely. Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if you encounter basement water damage.

Fast & Efficient Water Damage Restoration: Time Is of the Essence

Flood Damage Kimberly ALThe key to effective restoration lies in swift action. The sooner you contact DEC, the quicker our team of certified service technicians can spring into action, transforming your water damage ordeal into a distant memory. DEC sets itself apart as one of the few “Full Service” restoration companies in Central Alabama. Not only do we possess the expertise and equipment to dry and decontaminate affected areas of your home or business, but we also boast a skilled and certified construction staff to handle all your reconstruction needs. Unless you aspire to become your own contractor, remember to engage a Full Service restoration company. Our ability to restore EVERY aspect to its original state differentiates us in the water damage restoration industry.

Mold Remediation & Mold Cleanup in Kimberly, AL

Mold Removal Company Kimberly AL

DEC also excels as a mold cleanup company, offering top-notch mold remediation services throughout Kimberly, AL. Undertaking a comprehensive mold detection process is vital since toxic mold poses a significant liability. The repercussions of exposure to toxic black mold range from allergic reactions to health issues like rashes, chronic fatigue, persistent coughing and sneezing, eye irritation, and relentless headaches. Only our professional mold damage cleanup service can guarantee the elimination of mold.

The quality of mold treatment and mitigation services varies widely across companies, and choosing the wrong one can lead to recurring growth. Therefore, it’s essential to hire a qualified, licensed home inspection agency that can pinpoint the problem’s source, empowering you to halt it in its tracks. Unlike other mold companies in the vicinity, DEC encompasses comprehensive mold inspections, assessments, and remediation.

At DEC Fire & Water Restoration, your safety and that of your family take precedence. In Kimberly, AL, mold can rapidly turn into a dangerous foe. We leverage our mold services to swiftly clear and cleanse affected areas, preventing further damage. To this end, we meticulously select our personnel for their experience and competency, employing proven, safe, and effective mold damage equipment and methods that comply with industry standards.

Our water damage services include:

  • Thorough damage assessments
  • Mold Remediation
  • Structure and Contents Drying
  • Debris Removal
  • Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
  • Comprehensive water extraction
  • Structural Repair

Experts Specializing in frozen, burst, and broken pipe incidents

Encountering burst pipes, particularly during winter, can result in significant frozen pipe water damage in your home or business. Typically, this issue arises when temperatures drop significantly, leading to frozen pipes. The severe impact of frozen pipe water damage often extends to the ceilings and walls of the structure. It’s more prevalent in buildings that are unoccupied during colder months, lacking adequate heat regulation or sufficient insulation, making them susceptible to frozen water pipes and lines. Additionally, a frozen pipe burst is a critical concern, as it can cause extensive water damage. Such broken pipes are a common reason for water inundation, affecting various areas like living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

When you experience a frozen pipe burst or broken pipe water damage, immediate action is crucial. Our expertise in frozen pipe water cleanup, burst pipe repair, and burst water pipe cleanup ensures a rapid and effective resolution. Contacting us promptly after a pipe burst is essential to minimize damage and swiftly restore your plumbing system to its optimal condition.

Sewage Damage Cleanup & Removal: Swift Solutions for a Nasty Situation

If you find yourself grappling with sewage damage, immediate cleanup and removal are paramount to safeguarding yourself and your loved ones. Our team of certified experts boasts over 20 years of experience in resolving various sewage cleanup and repair challenges. Sewage removal is a hazardous process due to the presence of toxic microbes in raw sewage waste. It is imperative to entrust the task to experienced sewage damage experts equipped with specialized equipment to ensure the safety of your family during the cleanup process. Sewage can harbor copious amounts of harmful bacteria, and exposure poses serious health risks. It is crucial not to attempt cleaning up a mess resulting from broken pipes connected to sewage lines. Contact with raw sewage can lead to disease, destruction of valuables, and severe property damage. At the first sign of sewage damage in Kimberly, don’t hesitate to reach out to DEC.

Your Flood Damage is in Good Hands

Safety, quality, and exceptional customer service take precedence at DEC. As an emergency water damage company serving residential and commercial victims of water damage throughout Kimberly and the surrounding areas, we stand ready to address any form of flooding. Our trained and certified experts ensure that affected areas undergo professional cleaning, deodorization, and sanitization. DEC is available round the clock to handle any crisis promptly. Regardless of the hour, we are committed to serving your needs with utmost care.

More About Kimberly AL

The city of Kimberly developed around a stagecoach station built in the 1830s; it remained in service until 1865. At this time, the settlement was named two previous times before Kimberly. In 1905, the town voted to change its name to Kimberly because another Alabama town had already claimed the current name. The town had a population of around 900 by 1910. Local coal mines were primary employers in Kimberly and were active through the 1940s, gradually closing down during the 1950s. Another significant employer in Kimberly was the Dixie Firebrick Company, founded in the 1930s; it was later bought out by A.P. Green Refractories Company. This facility shut down sometime in the mid-1970s. The city officially incorporated in 1952. Many city records and history were lost in a fire at the city hall in 1989. Beginning June 29, 2011, due to the population increasing from 1,801 persons in 2000 to 2,711 in 2010, the town began operating as a city, per Alabama law.

A popular point of interest we provide service near includes the Kimberly Park.

We are here to serve any type of water damage restoration needs. In addition, we provide services in Kimberly AL, Including 35071, 35091, 35116, 35180.

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