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  • Our technique is EPA-validated to achieve a 99.9999% kill rate of a diverse range of bacteria and viruses

Coronavirus Cleaning Company Alton ALDEC Fire & Water Restoration is proud to offer an all-encompassing and highly professional COVID cleaning and disinfection service that caters to both residential and commercial business owners. Our expertise in Alton is unparalleled, as our infectious disease cleanup technicians are meticulously trained and certified to handle the intricate process of cleaning and disinfecting diseases, including the notorious novel coronavirus. Rest assured, our infectious disease cleanup company in Alton is committed to delivering a swift response time, regardless of the time of day or night, ensuring that we are available 24/7 to meet your needs. Whenever the need arises for COVID-19 cleanup or any other deep cleaning services, you can rely on us to be there, ready to assist.

At DEC Fire & Water Restoration, we strictly adhere to the COVID disinfection guidelines and regulations outlined by esteemed organizations such as OSHA, the CDC, and the EPA. Our dedication to excellence is evident through our IICRC certification, which ensures that we continuously employ the most advanced and up-to-date infectious disease cleaning methods and techniques when tackling the task of cleaning and disinfecting properties. As the COVID-19 virus remains relatively new, fresh information is released daily by the CDC and EPA. Consequently, we are committed to continually reviewing the EPA List-N to ensure that we implement only EPA-approved procedures and disinfectants, guaranteeing the utmost safety and effectiveness.

COVID Disinfection & Disease Cleanup: A Matter of Great Concern

The current outbreak of this pernicious disease is an exceptionally grave situation that necessitates immediate attention. We understand the depth of your worries regarding the health and safety of yourself, your loved ones, as well as your valued employees and customers. It cannot be stressed enough that taking unnecessary risks is ill-advised. In this critical moment, we implore you to entrust the responsibility of handling this perilous coronavirus cleanup to a professional coronavirus cleaning company in Alton AL.

Our Esteemed COVID Cleaning Company In Alton Is Equipped To Handle All Your Cleaning & Disinfection Needs, Guaranteeing The Highest Level Of Safety & Efficacy:

  • We employ CDC-approved and EPA-registered industrial-strength disinfectants, greatly diminishing the risk of disease transmission and infection for all individuals involved.
  • Any materials found to be infected will be promptly and meticulously cleaned, disinfected, and disposed of in marked biohazard waste bins or bags, ensuring the utmost caution and containment.
  • Our certified infectious disease cleanup technicians take no chances when it comes to personal protection. They meticulously adhere to the highest safety protocols, donning fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. Additionally, full-face respirator masks are worn to further safeguard against potential risks.
  • As a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety, our COVID Cleaning Company meticulously follows a strict coronavirus cleanup demobilization process for all our equipment, waste storage areas/containers, and vehicles, ensuring that no trace of potential contamination is left behind.

Your Go-To Solution For COVID Cleaning & Disinfection In Alton AL

Disinfection Services Alton ALAs part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the most advanced and effective solutions, DEC now offers our remarkable dry mist disinfection service, boasting an extraordinary 99.9999% virus kill rate.* This groundbreaking service utilizes the power of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide to execute a whole room disinfection process that surpasses the limitations of less effective methods.

Integral to this service is the highly acclaimed HaloFogger® system, which guarantees the uniform delivery of our spore and bacteria killing disinfectant throughout every nook and cranny, surpassing the reach of traditional sprays, wipes, and UV lights. By ensuring unmatched surface coverage and efficacy, the HaloFogger allows businesses, healthcare facilities, athletic institutions, educational establishments, and homes to elevate their standards of whole room disinfection. As the gold standard in the market, the Halo Disinfection System has been EPA-proven to eliminate an astounding 99.9999% of germs and bacteria. By engaging our Alton infectious disease cleaning service, you can attain peace of mind, knowing that you are taking every necessary measure to eliminate and mitigate the risk of infection.

The Inner Workings: Demystifying The Dry Mist System

COVID Cleaning Alton AL

The cutting-edge dry mist system was ingeniously designed to enhance the effectiveness of disinfectants in killing germs. The HaloFogger generates a turbulent aerosol that leverages evaporation to rapidly disperse H2O2 vapor and increasingly concentrated micro-droplets throughout complex rooms, eliminating germs even in their most cunning hiding spots. It’s crucial to note that no other fogger, and indeed no other whole room disinfection technology, can rival the exceptional effectiveness of the HaloFogger.

Our acclaimed HaloMist™ (EPA Registration No. 84526-6) is a meticulously developed misting formula that stands registered in all 50 states. Through a unique stabilization process, we combine the long-standing power of hydrogen peroxide with antimicrobial silver ions, creating a multi-faceted killing mechanism that relentlessly combats pathogens.

Exemplary Features & Benefits

  • EPA validation attests to an awe-inspiring 99.9999% kill rate against an extensive array of bacteria and viruses, providing an exceptional level of protection.
  • The remarkably dry mist produced by our system does not dampen surfaces, ensuring the safety of electronics and delicate equipment.
  • Our meticulous focus on uniform delivery guarantees consistent volume, turbulence, and droplet size, facilitating the thorough disinfection of all surfaces.
  • Less intrusive downtime for your business means that you can rest easy, knowing that you and your premises will be safe within a shorter time frame.

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Although DEC Fire & Water Restoration follows the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, there is no testing that exists to ensure total eradication of the coronavirus. We guarantee that our COVID cleaning and disinfection services help minimize the spread and threat of COVID-19, we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that we will completely eliminate it.

Thank you for choosing DEC as your infectious disease cleanup company for covid-19 cleanup and deep cleaning services.